The Quality of Nature

29th March 2021
A digital detox

Leave the touch screen behind and engage all of the senses in the natural environment

We love the fact that Muiredge is off grid. No TVs, no wifi, no mindless scrolling ... just peace and fresh air surrounded by nature.

Over the summer I went to check on some guests who had booked the whole site for a family gathering. It was a beautiful evening and the kids were running wild while the adults fired up the BBQ. Batteries were definitely not included in the kites or hula hoops they were playing with.

Looking back over our opening season we have been amazed at how relaxing people have found the site, happy to kick back on their deck all day, or enjoying the wide open space for nature walks, trail running, tree climbing and heading up onto the moor to enjoy the view from a slightly higher elevation.

 So for the year ahead we will continue to focus more on the break from the digital monotony. More garden games, more trails and routes for the nature curious and the wildlife hunters among us. Not that this will take a lot of building - the year to date has taught us that the wholesome feeling of being in this landscape, with these views and big skies is good for the soul and it is infectious, and all the other elements of the site are there to accentuate this, carefully and unobtrusively.

 So the digital detox attitude is not some kind of preachy diktat. It is more simply feeding a natural vibe that has been created within the landscape and which is central to the quality of the site as a retreat.

 We only have 18 summers with our kids, and that's if they will still want to hang out with us until then! It does sound naff, but hearing the shrieks of laugher around the campsite really is the best sound and a pat on the back for us that others are feeling the vibe too.