Low Impact Living

29th March 2021
Low Impact Living

Low impact living is easily achievable, but with careful design does not mean basic living.

Efficiency, sustainability and low impact living are common buzz words today. But they are not greenwash if considered from the outset and integrated within the site rather than bolted on afterwards.

 My background is in engineering - the application of science. We know that science deals with inputs and outputs. So efficiency is to get the most output from the least input. But that's not greenwash - that's just common sense!

So to get the most out with the least in, just use what you have already got. At Muiredge we have considered the existing resources through the heart of the development to minimise our inputs and subsequent impacts on the land but crucially without compromising the experience. 

The railway carriage and shepherds huts are powered by solar panels, each panel system feeding a leisure battery. The huts have been designed with minimal energy demand with LED lights, wood fired heating and high levels of wool insulation.

The firewood is sourced from a farm adjacent to the site and is a by product of harvested wind blown trees. The water is fed from our natural spring which comes out of the ground 250m away from the site.

We have also continued this agenda through the facilities we provide for our guests. The fire pits are repurposed commercial washing machine drums from the local dry cleaners and the barbeques are repurposed steel wheels, fabricated from the local blacksmith. 

Alongside our light-of-foot site development, we are undertaking a biodiversity challenge across the wider landscape, with new native broadleaf trees and 500m of hedging already planted. We want to encourage our guests to join in with the replanting and the rejuvenation of the flora and fauna of the area. 

The benefits of these elements for the local environment, for local employment and for mental health have been recited many times over recent years so we see this as a win win win.

So back to the common sense part - why wouldn't we do it!